Maya Angelou’s Biography Essay

Maya Angelou’s Biography Essay

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Maya Angelou’s Biography

A long time ago I believe it was on April 4, 1928 when my best friend Maya was born. Maya and I lived in the town of Stamps, Arkansas with her grandmother due to the divorce of her parents. During these awful years at the age of 7 Maya went to visit her grandmother when she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend. After this due to the hatred her uncle killed her mother’s boyfriend. She became so traumatized by all of this that she even stopped talking. During this time Maya and I became great friends for you see Maya loved to write and well I was her tool the one object that made her happy as you may already know I am a pencil her best friend. She had a tough childhood but she never gave up she had me. I remember on her most hard nights she would grasp me and write out all her feelings and emotions was her escape and it’s just amazing to know how much you have helped a person. Also where we lived in Stamps, Arkansas was hard because Stamps was a rural and segregated environment. It’s really tough living somewhere where you are not treated equally. She never let go of me I was that person that was there throughout all her struggles during some of the toughest years in her life. I still remember the day she started to write her autobiography with is really known now a days t is called “I know why the caged bird sings” which talks about how her life has been since she was small all the way to the age of 16.Also at the age of 16 I remember when this little boy arrived he just cried and cried I wish I could help him just as I helped Maya but well he was a baby boy Mayas baby boy named Guy. During these times “I know why the caged bird sings” became very popular actually one of the best sellers. Maya and I have ...

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...One more day of pain is too much to bare
Now you just wish he would care
How do I fix this broken heart?
When you were the only thing to keep it together

Daddy’s little girl
Five years old hearing the family war
I’m tired of fighting over that bottle
I’d love to leave you alone but my heart won’t let you go
Grew up afraid of ever being loved
At eight years old having to see those horrible lights
My life came crashing down daddy’s little girl needed you
When you left my head started spinning
Nothing felt right like an endless hurricane came crashing in
I found comfort in other
Thought I could escape the pain but I couldn’t
Twelve years old depressed and confused
I needed that family but no one was there
But I found a new family filled with love and happiness
Something you could never give me
And now daddy’s little girl is happy once more

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