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Why do some teachers fail to provide a maximum learning experience for their students? I came up with three different concepts on how I can support my students to attain maximum learning experience in the classroom. One of the reasons why teachers cannot provide a maximum learning experience for their students is because teachers do not spend time exploring their students’ preferred learning style. Some teachers rely heavily on just one teaching style, closing the doors for students who cannot fully learn on one specific teaching style that teachers use. Another reason teachers fail is because they do not build a positive emotions in the classroom. When students feel uncomfortable in class, it would be really difficult for them to learn. Lastly, teachers should encourage cooperative learning, which create a positive relationship between students and promotes group success. To be successful in providing maximum learning experience for the students, teachers should generate positive emotions in the classroom, getting familiar with the students learning styles, and promoting cooperative learning in the class.
One way to support my students in the classroom is to be familiar with their learning styles. Not all students learn the same way in a classroom. By knowing and getting familiar with the students learning styles, I would know how I will deliver my lessons and lectures that will accommodate each student learning styles. In class, we discussed about the VAKT (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, and Tactile) Learning Modalities that filters how students learn best and how they can connect new information to old information (Greczi, 2014). By implementing different lessons that accommodate each students preferred learning styles, I bel...

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...e amount of learning by helping one another through cooperative learning. In addition, cooperative learning helps students face criticism and criticize other students’ ideas (Greczi, 2014). Based on my own experience, I came across people who have a hard time trying to face criticisms from other people. As a teacher, I am responsible to create a learning environment where every student can bravely face criticisms from other student and at the same time giving criticisms to others. Because cooperative learning develops skills stated earlier, I believe that my students would benefit from my class if they learn how to manage and correctly appreciate criticisms. In summary, cooperative learning is one way I can help my students develop their interpersonal skills and build relationships to each other.

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