Mauritius: A Multicultural Island Essay

Mauritius: A Multicultural Island Essay

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Mauritius is an island off the coast of South Africa with a rich history and a diverse population. With people yielding from Asia, Europe, and Africa, there is a blending of cultural festivals as well as traditions that make Mauritius what it is today (Mauritius Views). Colonization and never ending globalization make it a matchless cultural source. In order to fully understand the array of customs on the island, one must first look at its history and how it has come to be home to a range of ethnic groups.
A top travel destination, Mauritius is an island that has been deemed to promote a “Let Go” mindset. Famed Author Mark Twain once stated, “Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it.” Many argue that it is not only the serene island landscape that makes one’s visit, but the people who inhabit the landmass (Mauritius Views). Due to its central location in the Indian Ocean, the island since 1505, after being discovered by the Portuguese, has been a popular on the trading circuit. The island underwent a series of power changes from the Portuguese, then the Dutch, French, and finally the British until 1968 when the republic gained independence (Nations Online). During that time, a great amount of immigration ensued with people arriving from the shores of India, its near neighbor Madagascar, and China. Under its European colonization, the Chinese came to start businesses while Africans as well as Indians were brought to support the labor forces of the newly forming island nation. Mauritius’s Creole population is quite large, with Indo-Mauritians forming 70% of the islands 1.2 million people population (Mauritius Views).
Mauritius is a rather peaceful island, with no recorded racial or ethnic caused conflict in over ...

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...rather relaxed mindset. Other countries can be negatively affected by such blending, but they have not been. Without immigration and globalization blending cultures on Mauritius, the island population would not exist.

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