Maturing into Adulthood Essay

Maturing into Adulthood Essay

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There comes a point in an individual’s life where he must surpass his youth and enter adulthood. This development, otherwise known as maturity, often transforms the individual in all physical and mental characteristics. Maturity, in many ways, sets the basis for how a person will view and approach life. I have experienced maturation from a shy and insecure child in middle school to a responsible and confident young adult in high school.
Middle school can be considered as one of the worst times in a child’s life. The physical and mental transformation may, in fact, make the experience even worse. My middle school is an example of how apprehensive students were secluded and treated with no respect from the more arrogant ones. As an eighth grader, life was not sweet. My class was compromised of twenty four selfish, self-centered boys who made my life miserable. I was called a midget, idiot, and other cruel names that hurt me. One day, I had an encounter with the biggest eighth grader in my class, Mike. He was a bulky, muscular individual who could have passed for a high school stude...

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