Essay The Matrix By The Wachowski Brothers

Essay The Matrix By The Wachowski Brothers

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The Matrix is a narrative film by The Wachowski Brothers ,in 1999 is the groundbreaking visual effects film that tells the story of Neo, the hacker turned the One, in this a hero’s story. It is told in a chronological order from Neo’s point of view from the moment he wakes up to the moment he realizes that he is the One and the power it grants him. The film is best known for it use of bullet time and it commentary on perspective of our world and how real is it truly.
The Exposition is one of the most important parts in this movie as the subject matter would be greatly confusing to those who are not familiar with the subject matter. The exposition is delivered to us through the point of view of Neo, the new guy on the ship. Neo playing the role of the fish out of water character and hero of the film we see the world from his eyes. As he receives information about the real world or the Matrix the camera is always set to be on his side, such as have a perspective from over his shoulder or just staying on the same side of the Neo as he stares at the other characters. An example of this is when Tank is talking to Neo about what the One can do and how he could end it all. In scenes where Morpheus, is telling Neo about the “real world” the shots and cuts between Neo’s reaction to Morpheus description of how the Matrix works by transmitting electrical signals. The Tight shots of Neo with disbelief in his face pair well with the reaction of learning that humans are now batteries.
Complications are always present in The Matrix from the first scene of Trinity making her great escape from the agents using wide shots to emphasis the great leaps she makes to escape her pursuers. The tension in this movie is always high the Wachowski brot...

... middle of paper ...

...e still the sound most people associate with digital 1’s and 0’s.
The initial escape from the office building at the beginning of the movie. The focus of the scene is Neo trying to get out of the building. The juxtaposition of him and the agents he is trying to escape from is interesting with the straight cut and confident agents holding all the power as the strut through looking for him. Compared to Neo whom is low to ground running from the agents in an almost crawling manner, running cowardly away from the agents. The scene uses a lot of blues and gray much like a regular office would but Neo has a tin of green on him to help emphasize the digital nature of the world that is surrounding him. The composition of the scene always has either Neo moving of hiding from his pursuers and make him. This forces the Camera to look down on him and keeps him below the viewer.

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