Essay on Mathilde's Life of Unhappiness in The Necklace

Essay on Mathilde's Life of Unhappiness in The Necklace

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In Guy De Maupassant?s ?The Necklace,? Mathilde Loisel is a young woman who dreams of wealth and of being envied by other women. Mathilde always wants more than what she has, and refuses to adjust to her middle class status which causes her to never achieve the happiness she seeks.
At the beginning, Mathilde?s discontentment with her simple life causes her to have unrealistic dreams of wealth. She fantasizes of unattainable riches which causes her to view her life as being drab and dull. Maupassant conveys this in several different ways throughout the first paragraph. For example, ?Born, as if by an error of destiny, into a family of clerks and copyists. She had no dowry, no prospects, no way of getting know.? Given that she had no association with a rich and distinguished man, she finally settles for a marriage with a minor clerk in the Ministry of Education. Her husband?s taste is for simple possessions, while she dreams of wealth and of how other women should envy her if she could display her wealth. Maupassant compares Mathilde?s dreams of trout or the delicate wing of a quail to her husband who is satisfied with boiled beef. Her husband has adjusted to his status, while Mathilde has not.
Fantasies make her even more dissatisfied, and she punishes herself by thinking of a wealthy life. She wants to be envied and admired only for being attractive and intriguing, not for more significant qualities. Maupassant offers the reader a description of her dream world in paragraph 3:
She daydreamed of large, silent anterooms, decorated with oriental tapestries and lighted by high bronze floor lamps, with two elegant valets in short culottes dozing in large armchairs under the effects of force-air heaters. She imagined larg...

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...Forrestier what has happened, she chooses to go out and replace the necklace with an exact replica. Maupassant describes the Loisels search for the necklace, ?They went from jeweler to jeweler, searching for a necklace like the other one, racking their memories, both of them sick with worry and anguish.? The Loisels suffer to repay their debts. Mathilde accepts a cheap attic flat, and does all the heavy housework herself to save on domestic help. Mathilde unrealistic dreams cost her and her husband ten years of their life.
Mathilde allows her life to be miserable because of her dreams of great wealth. She is also disappointed in her husband who always supports her and caters to her every desire. If she would have accepted her life for what it was and would have been happy for what she was given, then a great deal of her unhappiness would have never existed.

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