Essay about Mathew Brady: The Father of Photojournalism

Essay about Mathew Brady: The Father of Photojournalism

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Born of Irish immigrants in 1823 in a little place called Warren County, New York; Mathew Brady is known as “The Father of Photojournalism.” While a student of Samuel Morse and a friend of Louis Daguerre (inventor of the “Daguerreotype,” a method of photography that the image is developed straight onto a metal coated surface), in which he had met while under the study of Morse, Brady took up his interest in photography in the year of 1839, while only seventeen years of age. Brady took what he had learned from these two talented and intellectual men to America where he furthered his interest in the then-growing art of photography.

Upon his arrival in America, Brady had opened a gallery of Mr. Daguerre’s photographs named the “Daguerrean Miniature Gallery,” which could be found intersecting Broadway and Fulton in New York, This event occurred in 1844. Later that very same year Brady entered and won an annual fair of the “American Institute,” He won first place. Brady’s second gallery, “A Gallery of Illustrious Americans,” which featured the most well-known men and women of Brady’s day and age (including Robert E. Lee and Abraham “Abe” Lincoln, who later used Brady’s photographs for support in campaigning for presidency over America) was not published until 1850.

In the same year of 1850, however, Mathew Brady met Juliette Handy while in his studio. After an exaggeratedly long courtship to Juliette Handy, of a year, Brady had foreseen the fact that they were, in fact, in love, Brady and Handy were married into the law in the year of 1851. Some seem to think Handy was an inspiration to Brady since he won Queen Victoria’s “world Fair” that very same year, the most second accomplished award to be accredited to him, but the firs...

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...te viewers up to date. I also admire the way he lived his life and I hope mine can be just like it, except completely and utterly different. All I am really trying to say is that I am a one man wolf-pack, but if Brady were still alive we would be a Two-man wolf-pack. Brady’s photographs also inspire me by bringing out the deadliness brought with freedom through war. Also as being a musician, I understand that emotions strongly influence art, so Brady must have been roaring with emotions after he married Juliette Handy since this is when he is generally seen as becoming more creative and developed as a professional photographer making a name for himself in this world of high set bars and expectations. I find, too, the fact that Brady stuck with two genres of photography, portrait and photojournalism/documentary, to be a sign of dedication and passion for photography.

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