Essay on Mathematics in Everyday Life

Essay on Mathematics in Everyday Life

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Mathematics is possibly one of the most underappreciated sciences. It everywhere in our lives, mathematics runs our computers, flies our aircraft, and protects our information. But for such a major part of our lives, very few people can say that they know how it is done, how the RSA encryption protects their e-mail, or even that 21 squared is 441 without going into tedious mental calculations or reaching for their calculator.
Contrary to popular belief, mathematics has a wide range of useful applications. Those who would ask whenever they would need algebra, both linear algebra and calculus is used extensively in computer programming and engineering. The fact is that mathematics is integrated into almost every profession, and every aspect of your life.
During world war two, number theory, a highly theoretical branch of mathematics focusing on the properties of integers, found new applications in the field of cryptography. Both the allies and the axis sent encoded message over airways that both sides had access to. Obviously they didn’t want the other side to know what they were up to, so they both sent encoded messages. Mathematics served a primary role in the cracking of these codes, most notably the enigma code used primarily by Nazi Germany.
The problem with an encoded message though, is that historically, a code needed to be prearranged along with some sort of decryption key, between the two parties wishing to communicate. This led to the field of public key cryptography.
Imagine that two people want to send messages through the postal service, but they want to make sure no one reads it. Person A puts a lock on their package, which both Person A and Person B has a key to. This allows person B to remove the lo...

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...nown for his creation of the Mandelbrot set fractal, which is also in appendix a, he created the fractal using computer software.
Fractals can be used to store pictures. The idea is to take a few colored pixels, and create a fractal generator program that would result in the picture. Storing a simple fractal generation program and a few pixels, would be infinitely more efficient than storing an entire .JPG image.
In conclusion, Mathematics can and does have many applications outside of the theoretical. Whether it is playing the odds by counting cards, or analyzing a new road plan mathematics does have applications. Mathematics is also integral to everyday life, it protects our data, and allows for the operation of the electronics and computers which allow us to live our way of life. Whether we like it or not, mathematics is a fundamental part of our lives.

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