Essay about Mathematics And Computer Science Degree

Essay about Mathematics And Computer Science Degree

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Yihao Hu
Statement of Background & Goals Emory University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Degree Objective: Ph.D. in ComputationalMathematics
In the realm of mathematics and applied mathematics, I am especially interested in numerical methods for partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, dynamical systems, scientific computing and Optimization. The magic of mathematics that attracts me most is solving the most sophisticated problems in the real world through different applied methods which are based on the rigorous theoretical analysis.
During my graduate study of applied mathematics at RPI, I have taken and audited numerous advanced courses of mathematics, most of which are highly needed for my research interests. For all of my mathematical courses, I am one of the few students who are not Ph.D. candidates. The concepts in these courses helped me to construct a solid framework of my research interests and the application of the varied theories also encouraged me to learn efficient computer techniques. Because I believe computer is the scratch paper for nowadays mathematicians. Besides the courses of Analysis and PDEs. I have been doing independent research study in Numerical Solutions for Conservation Laws under the supervision of Prof. Banks since last semester and stayed one more month after the final exams for my personal mathematical study. This research study mainly focuses on solving the Riemann Problem of Hyperbolic Equations, developing different numerical methods with specific accuracies for Inviscid Burgers Equation, and discussing the stability of each method by coding the scheme and proving their specific CFL conditions. Some of my personal work involves creating weak solution and rarefaction wave...

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...trial, engineering, and science area in the following future and many higher order numerical methods are still waiting to be developed or invented. For me, the most important principle in choosing a university is how it will cultivate my potential research ability. The unique feature of computational mathematics at Emory is that the research is highly related to the computer science, which I believe is a crucial part for computational science. The scientific computation research at Emory will definitely be a decent choice for students who wish to develop advanced numerical algorithms and then be a leading researcher. That’s saying, the department and I have the same academic philosophy.
Last but not least, thanks to RPI and my dear advisor, they taught me a lot and helped me acknowledge who I really want to be. Now, it’s time for me to move on.
Yihao Hu 2016, Troy, NY

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