Essay on Mathematical Notations And Procedures Of Recent Immigrant Students

Essay on Mathematical Notations And Procedures Of Recent Immigrant Students

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"Mathematical Notations and Procedures of Recent Immigrant Students"
An idea I found interesting in the article was “ In the United States, people separate numbers into groups of three digits by commas. In some countries of Latin America, the point is used to separate such groups”. This could create a big difference in the number which leads to the meaning of those numbers. It could make differences from a million to thousands by the points and commons. Didn 't you think other places in the world would look at numbers differently. The second idea was showing how students would solve a equation, “The equation x + 35 = 75 is solved in the United States by subtracting 35 from both sides to arrive at x = 40. Some Mexican students write the original problem the same way, but their thoughts are processed differently. “. This shows how the difference between how students will think while solving it, and how an immigrant student might be misunderstood, and how they know the concept but just in a different way.
I really didn 't know or ever thought that numbers would be viewed differently ...

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