Mathematical and Scientific Discoveries of India, China and Greece Essay

Mathematical and Scientific Discoveries of India, China and Greece Essay

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Topic #4: Mathematical and Scientific Discoveries of India, China, and Greece
There are many ancient civilizations that had achievements in math and science. Three of these civilizations were India, China, and Greece. Ancient India was founded in about 2500 B.C., and its first civilization was known as the Indus River Valley Civilization. It was located near the Indus and Ganges Rivers, which periodically overflowed. Along with its mathematical and scientific achievements, it was one of the first civilizations to have complex cities. Ancient China had its first well-known dynasty, the Shang Dynasty, created in approximately 1750 B.C. It was isolated by mountains, deserts, and rivers. These rivers were the Huang He (Yellow) River, the Yangtze River, and the Xi Jiang (West) River. Possibly the greatest achievement of this dynasty was their bronze work, although they also contributed to math and science. Lastly, ancient Greece was established in 1100 B.C., on a peninsula. It was also made up of 1400 small islands, which were located in the Aegean and Ionian seas. Ancient India, China, and Greece all had significant contributions in science and math, but the contributions of the Greeks had the most influence on us today because they created Pythagorean theorem, discovered atoms, calculated the size of the Earth, found the value of pi, and had even more discoveries and accomplishments, many of which we still use today.
The Ancient Indians had some mathematical achievements. One of their mathematical achievements, which was shown in the Vedic texts, is that they had names for every number up to one billion. The Vedic texts also show that they managed to calculate irrational numbers, such as√3, very accurately (Whitfield, Traditions 42)....

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...affect us in numerous ways, such as in architecture, modern mathematics, modern science, the medical world, technology, and much more.
Ancient India, China, and Greece all contributed to math and science, however, the Greek achievements influenced us the most. They invented Pythagorean Theorem, calculated the value of pi, discovered atoms, accurately found the size of the Earth, and had much more accomplishments than India or China. Although the Greeks influenced modern math and science the most, the achievements of all three civilizations affect us today. These achievements range from the discovery of atoms, to the invention of a primitive computer. They contribute to modern math and science, architecture, the medical world, technology, and the economy. The achievements and contributions of ancient India, China, and Greece continue to amaze and influence us today.

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