Math Is A Problem Solving Attitude Essay

Math Is A Problem Solving Attitude Essay

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As a teacher I want my student to be the best they can be and to be successful in life and all subjects, not just in math.
We face several situation in our lifetime, and even though all these situations are different, they all have one thing in common. The all can be handled with a step by step problem solving attitude. Math, the study of logic, deductions, and applications is what creates this problem solving attitude. Math deals with numbers along with all the operations that can be used with them. Math is a strict rule based subject that fosters the structured thinking and problem solving attitude, which is used for analyzing daily problems, not just numeric ones. Math is used every day. Math is used in cooking, shopping, driving, daily chores, you name it and math is most likely being used. In the beginning, math comes across as unneeded, boring and even stupid; however, there is no denying the fact that math play an enormous role in our lives.
The Role of a math teacher and the qualities of an effective teacher go hand in hand. A teacher must build a safe learning environment just like an architect builds a building. A teacher must build a learning environment where the students feel enriched and safe. When then brings me to my next role/quality. Like a composer writes or choses music for to engage the musicians, a teacher chooses work that will engage the students intellectually, stretch their thinking increase their mathematical understanding and help them solve real world problems. Much like a stockbroker watches over the stock market a teacher must watch over the students to see how they are learning and how the teacher is teaching. Asking themselves “what worked and didn’t work today?” “What can I do differently t...

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...ds the help they need the kids who learn by watching, and the hands on what they need. As I stated above I feel as if differentiation is key! Not every child learns the same and because of that the way I will make sure my students are learning the essentials will not always be the same. I will differentiate for my students along with using some engagement strategies (math centers, manipulatives, projects) and motivation. In my classroom.
I realize that as I teach I will have to adjust my style according to the class I teach that year but at the end of the day my intentions will always be the same. “At the core of my teaching style and philosophy is a concern for my students. I care deeply about each and every student and strive to help all students reach their potentials both as students of mathematics and as people” -James A. FitzSimmons (FitzSimmons, 2014)

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