Essay on The Math I Will Take in College

Essay on The Math I Will Take in College

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While I don't know exactly what field I want to study or pursue throughout college, and further into my working days, I have always liked Engineering and Physical Sciences. Unfortunately, if I don't get into The North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM) this year, I won't likely be able to afford any school other than NC State. So, at NC State I would either chose to study for a BA in Physics, or a BS in Chemical Engineering, mainly because I find chemistry and pre-calc fun, but also because they are fun to tell people about. Also, I could not find a BS in Physics at NC State, otherwise I would've taken that.
In order to get a BA in Physics at NC State, I would need the following math courses [1]:
• Calculus I (Which requires pre-calc)
• Calculus II (Which requires Calculus I)
• Calculus III (Which requires Calculus II)
• Appl Diff Eq I (Which Requires Calculus III)
• Linear Algebra (Which requires Calculus II, and Appl Diff Eq I is recommended)
• Statistics, although I am taking this course currently as an AP so I shouldn't have to take it again
• Introduction to Programming (Which requires nothing, but it is advised that one takes other programming courses)
• Computation/Numerical Methods (This also requires no pre-requisite, but it is advised that one takes some numerical analysis courses)
All of the aforementioned classes require you to get at least a C- for the BA degree.
Now, In order to get the BS in Chemical Engineering, one would need the following math courses [1]:
• Calculus I
• Calculus II
• Calculus III
• Appl Diff Eq I
All of the requirements for these classes are the same as the ones needed for the Physics degree. According to a graph [3] found on the internet, the majority of the applicants who were a...

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... include the calculus needed for both degrees, however if NSCU doesn't recognize the math courses as actual calculus courses, they would still be great preparation for college. This is of course if I stay at Broughton, if I move on to NCSSM I will likely take Calculus I, and II, and possibly even III if I overload in senior year. Both of these options (IB and NCSSM) will be beneficial to me as a math student, and will help me to understand The Math I Will Take in College.

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