Essay on Math And The Past Years

Essay on Math And The Past Years

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My approach to math in the past years has always been following the steps and rules. All through high school I attended algebra classes. In algebra, all I had to do was follow the steps to complete the formula. To me it was a big puzzle in front of me. I lacked in the ability to accurately complete word problems. This is usually why I have low test state test results. I always wanted to learn how to solve word problems because I knew it would help me in real life situations. Another approach I had towards math was, I only used it if I had to. For example, I would estimate my math problems through real life situations. I did not have the drive to figure out the real answer in my head. The only time I would use math was when I had to, and sometimes I dreaded it. When I sew or cook is when I am forced to use math but, I always felt I was good at reading a ruler or following an ingredient. It is when I have to add and subtract fractions that made me want to take the easy way out. In the past I never really enjoyed fraction, but after this class I feel more confident in that field of math. Though, that is only one out of many math skills I benefited from this class. I really benefited from the concepts of, Problem solving, finance, and statistics. Though, there is more questions and curiosities about math that I am figuring out.
Problem solving or word problems in high school was never my strong suit. I dreaded completing word problems in my homework. I never understood the word problems because they never related to my life. In Math in Society (2012), Lippman mentions, “In real life, problem solving requires identifying an appropriate formula or procedure, and determining what information you will need (and won’t need) to answer th...

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... and short term goals. I really think the last three weeks of class in problem solving, financing, and statistic will help me in my future. I am now confident in my capability to solve word problems or even the math problems I face every day. I feel like I am going to be able to solve any problem with a logical answer. I have an understanding on how financing works and how much interest stacks ups on loans. I know technical terms, like compounding interest, to help me start a retirement or savings account. All I learn in financing is going to be very beneficial to my money conservation in the future. I also have a better idea about statistics and how to collect the date and concluded if it is bias or not. Math 105 has been a great class to help me understand how math works in my life. I think a lot of people should take this class, whether it is for a degree or not.

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