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Materialistic Items Of The United States Essay examples

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A country that is only a couple hundred years old is now one of the most powerful nations in world. Founded by men who believe all men are created equal; a nation with the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.3 The world predicted that the country was going to fall upon their succession from Britain in July of 1776. The United States has proof in itself and has advanced significantly throughout the decades, but this advancement would not have been possible without the materials to do so. Materialistic items made a substantial difference in the growth and foundation of this country, especially prior to 1865. Through the process of land acquisition, the states that are known today were formed. Subsequently, without the materialistic items available to the United States during this time period the growth and urbanization of the country would have been deemed impossible.
In the year 1607 the first colony Jamestown, later known as the state of Virginia, was founded.1 The establishment of this colony was rough, but prevailed with help from the natives and their strong leader John Smith. Tobacco appeared to be a valuable material when it came to profit margin. The colonists could sell and trade tobacco with the Indians for numerous reasons, the main being a source of income.1 Though this substance proved to be helpful in gaining income and resources, it started to cause a conflict with the native tribes. The demand for tobacco was increasing, and in order to reach the quota, the settlers must invade native territory to expand tobacco farms. With the expansion of tobacco farms, the soon to be country expanded its realm. Furthermore, it leads to the beginning of tyranny of the colonists over the natives and the ...

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...als. The United States, during this time, had large quantities of raw materials (coal, iron, oil, and lumber) in which the railways and canals could transport throughout the country.6
In conclusion, America prevailed from a small colony to be one of the most powerful nations in the world today. A nation that was founded by men whose beliefs in liberty, equal rights and happiness outweighed all of the troublesome obstacles that they came to face upon succeeding from Great Britain. The materialistic items are the cause of many advancements in the United States and served a greater purpose to the settlers. To the settlers these were not just raw materials, this was their future in which they were building or shaping with their own hands. With land acquisition leading to the discovery of raw materials, states were formed and the country prevailed to be what it is today.

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