Mastery : The Keys For Success And Long Term Fulfillment Essay

Mastery : The Keys For Success And Long Term Fulfillment Essay

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According to George Leonard, mastery is a mysterious process that a challenging thing gradually changes to an easy and interesting thing, depending on my practice. In addition, there is not a goal in a way of mastery because mastery itself is a goal in life (50). This philosophy of George Leonard in his book, Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment gave me opportunities to face my life once again.
When I fell into plateau which is a state that I cannot feel the progress for anything, I immediately changed my plan and tried to find an easy way to accomplish my work. Also, I just stopped my work that I must do, and I started new project to forget troublesome work. In this book, this kind of person is called dabbler (65). I already knew that this way to live suffered me because I could not achieve anything. This book, mastery, directly and critically pierced my heart and gave a question to my life. While reading mastery, I was considering why I spend this lazy life. I found the answer and cause for this question. I realized that I became to think that monotonous practice ...

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