The Masters Of Human Resources From Csu Global Is An Exceptional Fit For My Ambitions

The Masters Of Human Resources From Csu Global Is An Exceptional Fit For My Ambitions

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The Masters in Human Resources from CSU Global is an exceptional fit for my ambitions because of the overall academic excellence, emphasis on management, flexibility, and value. The knowledge gained from this degree will allow me to continue to increase the value of my contribution to my professional organizations, and will also be the next step toward my long-held personal goals of advancing my education. I plan to capitalize and enhance my current strengths and knowledge I have gained through work experience as they relate to my interests and professional advancement.
My passion for creating, growing, and managing a business started at a very young age. From the time I was five years old I have constantly been on the pursuit of making money through some venture or another. Everything from lemonade stands, to selling cookies door to door, to selling Christmas wreaths to breeding dogs, to babysitting and housecleaning services fill my résumé from the ages of 5-15. When I turned 15 I was able to get my first “real job” at a coffee shop. I haven’t stopped working (for the most part full-time) ever since.
My educational path was unique in that I was homeschooled all the way through high school, and I started college courses full-time when I was 16. I feel that my college performance was not nearly as high as it could have been mainly due to lack of focus and life experience and planning. I jumped around a lot in my course work selection. I enjoyed a lot of different classes, but I wasn’t at a place that I had a clear vision of that road I should be on that would at end successfully merge with a career path. At that point I was finishing college because “I was supposed to”. As a result I didn’t see the relevance or value in fully a...

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...ent. I will also have full encouragement and support of both my family (other members of my family have advanced degrees and higher education is of great value to my family), and professional circle (I have made the decision to pursue this degree based greatly on advice and encouragement of superiors and colleagues. My company has a great need for this type of knowledge currently). I have multiple individuals in my professional network that have themselves completed this degree and will be willing resources should I need additional insight or discussion for clarity in my coursework.

A Masters in Human Resources from CSU Global is an integral part to me achieving my career goals at this juncture in my path. This degree will complement my current competencies as a business developer and leader and will equip me with the tools a techniques I need to advance further.

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