Mastering Management Skills For Today 's Workforce Essay example

Mastering Management Skills For Today 's Workforce Essay example

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Ravinder Tulsiani states that “Not everyone is born a great leader, but anyone can foster core leadership competencies for themselves and become actionable, effective leaders.
Ravinder Tulsiani has mastered a step-by-step approach that has surpass the steps of theory by taking each reader on a journey which will uncover their personal business leader strengths and weaknesses. Packed into this 150 page book Your Leadership Edge: Mastering Management Skills for Today’s Workforce gives a great example of ethics and productivity which will lead to a stable foundation and successful leadership practices; also giving the readers great learning tools to enhance and enrich the skills within them to become more effective leaders in the future.
The book has is placed on the Goodreads top management books to read and also nominated for the ‘2015 Small Business Book Awards’. This book has presented a stress reliever for management that is filled with a mound of stress. Tulsiani realizes that effective management and teaching the tools for effective management has become very important and the practices and techniques that has been taught in the past are outdated and we need to expand our techniques for the 21st Century. New approach is what is need to keep up with the times and adapt to this evolving world of management and leadership.
Tulsiani gives a great dictation of what steps are needed to enhance the management and leadership skills of personnel in the 21st Century. In chapter one he talks about increasing the company morale. Morale is a noun the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time. In the correctional system morale is very critical because it can affect how the organization runs as a who...

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...hip skills. This book is a training program which allows each individual to develop the core skills needed to become exceptional leaders. Also it teaches how to engross and mold employees so that they can help increase productivity. I think in the justice system this becomes a win for not only the lower levels but also the hierarchy then more time can be spent developing plans to protect and serve our communities.
This book allows us to unlock potential that will drive our leadership qualities in a new direction. By coming cognizant of these essential leadership qualities but establishing a foundation that is strong with effective leadership skills which will result in productive personnel. Each and every one of us has some type of weakness in our leadership role, this book helps to locate that weakness and build it up so that now your weakness is your strength.

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