The Master 's Program For Nonprofit Leadership Essay example

The Master 's Program For Nonprofit Leadership Essay example

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When you 're presented with a puzzle and you need that missing piece, your mind begins to go in overdrive. You get nervous and start trying to fit pieces that just don 't go. Can you imagine time passing by and one day you finally find the perfect match. Well, hello Fordham University! Your master 's program for Nonprofit Leadership has completed my puzzle.
The master’s program for Nonprofit Leadership core studies embody my professional life at 100%. For the past 5 years I have found my love for nonprofits by becoming a event service manager. I’m the person that companies reach out to when their nonprofit needs their name out there, promote their purpose, or initiate change. My journey to nonprofits started 4 years ago, right after I found out that my grandmother was diagnosed with GBS Syndrome (which is a neuropathic syndrome that affects your nervous system). This was the worst time of my life because not only was I 2,000 miles away getting my undergraduate degree in California but my grandmother was suffering with silent killer all the way back home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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