The Master Of Arts Program For A Preschool For Children With Special Needs

The Master Of Arts Program For A Preschool For Children With Special Needs

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I am applying to the Master of Arts program in Counselling Psychology for either spring or fall semester of 2016. I have earned my undergraduate degree in Family and Community Social Services and my diploma in Child and Youth work. For the past two years I have been employed as an Educational Child Assistant in a preschool for children with special needs.
Since childhood I have had a passion to work with others. My ability to work alongside my peers, comfort a friend, and understand the hurting brought forth an empathetic and extroverted personality. This matured and shifted into a desire to relate to the people around me on a deeper level; why do humans feel pain, what do our minds tell us while we are hurting, what allows us to heal, and how can I encourage the friends I care about. When struggling with my own personal issues I often felt lost and confused and questioned how I would recover. I sought counselling, during which a therapist taught me techniques to empower personal healing. In turn, this inner strength reinforced the desire to pursue a career that would allow me to support others. In order for me to reach my goals, I knew I needed to attend graduate school to one day work as a therapist.
I currently work at Centennial Infant and Child Centre, supporting children with Developmental delays, Down syndrome, Autism, Retts, Tetralogy of Fallot and Angelman Syndrome. It has been a gift to support these children on a personal level and to experience tiny miracles every single day. I take great pride and joy witnessing a child smile, learn to walk, hold a spoon, or learn a new word when society deemed them incapable of growth. This has taught me to master diverse ways of communication, understanding, and acceptance based on...

... middle of paper ... Yorkville 's accredited reputation for excellence in counseling and psychology, both online and in a clinical educational setting inspired my decision to attend this graduate school. The practicum orientation from this program will be an exponential element to my success and will benefit me in all areas of my career. The focused electives will allow me to personalize my potential opportunities and allow me to explore all aspects of this broad field. Through this education, I will become a skilled and professional therapist that can impact both child and family lives. I hope to join the ranks of other skilled therapists working in this profession and to be an excellent representation of Yorkville University.
Thank you for considering my application. It would be an honor to continue my studies and pursue my passion at Yorkville University.
Krista Huyer

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