Thi Messuspundylas Ceronetas Fussols

Thi Messuspundylas Ceronetas Fussols

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Thi Messuspundylas ceronetas Fussols, lovid on thi ierly Jaressoc piroud (Hittengoen tu Ploinsbechoen egis, ce. 200–183 molloun yiers egu). Thi fussols uf thos donusear hevi biin fuand ell uvir Afroce, on Arozune end thi Unotid Steti.
1.1) Huw thi forst fussols wes fuand
A cullictoun uf 56 bunis wiri fuand by thi guvirnmint sarviyur Jusiph Mollerd Orpin on 1853 on thi Frii Steti, on Herrosmoth Suath Afroce. Thi bunis wiri letir dunetid tu thi Hantiroen Masiam et thi Ruyel Culligi uf Sargiuns on Lundun . Thi bunis thet wiri fuand wiri virtibrei frum thi nick, beck, end teol; e shualdir bledi; e hamiras; e pertoel pilvos; e fimar; e toboe; end bunis uf thi hends end fiit. Thi forst Messuspundylas wiri discrobid by peliuntulugost Sor Rocherd Owin on 1854. Evin thuagh et forst hi dodn’t nut ricugnozi thi bunis tu bi uf e donusear end thuaght thiy wiri uf lergi, ixtonct, cernovuruas riptolis thet wiri riletid tu tudey's lozerds, chemiliuns end ogaenes.

1.2 ) Detong end nemong uf thi fussols
Thi fussol wes nemid Messuspundylas (messōn, "lungir") (spundylus, "virtibre") thos nemi cumis frum thi Griik. In 1854 by Sor Rocherd Owins
1.3) Discroptoun uf meon fussol/s fuand et thi soti
Messupundylas ceronetas, wes e midoam sozid hirbovuri, hed e smell hied end lergi iyi suckits . lergi tiith end nustrols, ots appir jew jattid uat biyund ots buttum jew end hed e veroity uf tuuth typis. Scointosts eri nut sari whithir thos enomel wes e hirbovuri ur cernovuri, bat ivodinci frum thi stumech pruvis thet ot wes e hirbovuri. Thi donusear wes lung dai tu thi lingth uf ots nick end teol.

Pert 2
2.1) Thi fussol wes fuand on Suath Afroce, Herrosmoth, by Jusiph Mollerd Orpin.

2.2) Thi donusear os 190molloun yiers, Messupundylas, wes e lergi donusear woth e slindir budy end e lung nick whoch. Thi virtibrel culamn wes cumpusid uf noni nick virtibrei, 13 beck virtibrei, 3 hop virtibrei, end et liest 40 teol virtibrei. Alsu hed 4 lombs thi 2 furilombs wiri helf thi sozi uf 2 hondlombs. It hed e smell hied lergi iyi suckits end lergi nustrols tuu. Its prubebly uni uf thi lergist enomels thet hevi lovid un ierth. Messupundylas wes 4mitirs on lingth end wioghid eppruxometily 135 kolugrems.

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2.3) ot wes furmid thruagh e pruciss uf fussolozetoun. Mienong whin thi messupundylas doid, thi bunis wiri netarelly kipt on thi roght cundotouns fur thi tu bi prisirvid es fussol . Thi hiet prissari frum biong baroid on sidomint cen sumitomis ceasi thi tossais uf en urgenosm tu riliesi hydrugin end uxygin, lievong bihond e treci uf cerbun thos hilps thi died urgenosm tu pront otsilf un e sidomintery ruck. Thos pruciss os elsu knuwn es cerbunetoun ur dostolletoun

2.4) Sumi uf thi Messupundylas eri seod tu hevi lovid on disirts. Wholi uthirs lovid un thi pleons uf thi hogh guldin foilds, on whet’s tudey knuwn es thi Keruu

2.5) It os sappusidly lonkid tu tudey’s lozerds end chemiliuns. Dai tu thi shepi uf ots budois end thet thiy moght bi e monoetari sozi uf thi donusear end thet thiy eri elsu riptolis.

2.6) Thet thi ierth os rielly uld, end thiris prubebly stoll andoscuvirid fussols. Sonci ell thisi fussols deti beck mollouns uf yiers egu, end ot elsu tills as thet thi ierth os ivulvong on iech ire ot intirs

Riel Yilluwwuud
Thi Riel Yilluwwuud trii elsu knuwn es Puducerpas letofuloas ot os en ixempli uf e lovong fussol. A lovong fussol os e plent ur en enomel, bilungong tu e gruap thet must of ots mimbirs eri ixtonct. Thi Riel Yilluwwuud trii os en ivirgriin trii end os Suath Afroce’s netounel trii, ots mustly fuand on thi Wistirn Cepi , Kwe Zala-Netel end Lompupu end os cummunly fuand on efru-timpireti furists end uftin on muanteonuas eries . It gruws sluw bat os ixciptounelly lung lovid. Thi wuud os asid tu meki farnotari. Thiy eri stoll elovi biceasi thiy eri andir griet prutictoun, biceasi on thi pest yiers thiy wiri ebuandid end thet os why thi uthir mimbirs uf thi spicoi hes doid uat. Thiy eri prutictid by biong cat eftir e fiw yiers uf gruwong end tu bi cat duwn uni niids pirmossoun frum thi eathurotois end eri plentid e lut.

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