The Massachusetts Bay - The Colony Under God 's Law Essay example

The Massachusetts Bay - The Colony Under God 's Law Essay example

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The Massachusetts Bay – The Colony Under God’s Law
The colony, Massachusetts Bay was settled under God’s law in the Americas by puritans that decided to leave the church of England as a result of King Charles I’s persecution. The Puritans believed that they need to purify from the mixed doctrines between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic. Inspired by the opportunity that the Americas can offer to them, they decided to establish a community called “Massachusetts Bay” after a name of their puritan corporation “the Massachusetts Bay Company, which settled their first colony in Salem in 1629. They created a Puritan self-governing by developing a government which includes a governor and a representative assembly called the General Court, elected by adult men church members. A perfect peace was the mean of the first village’s name Salem. However, the perfect peaceful puritan community started falling apart for the following reasons.
First, John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay colony was a faithful man that said “Our immediate object is to seek out a new home under a due form of Government both civil and ecclesiastical…we shall be as a City upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon Us.” (Fraser). The ideal for this kind of government of Massachusetts Bay was settled to be a model religious colony with highly literate ministers and magistrates. Consequently, many people immigrate to the new land which was called “the Great Immigration”, approximately 20,000 puritans from England come and new towns were chartered. However, the Puritans started have differences between them. Because their differences about the colony’s government, they started to split and started another colony with a different ideolog...

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...story of USA ). Finally, in 1691, the colony New Hampshire was separated as a royal province and the administrators were appointed by the Crown and the colonists elected their assembly. In sum, New Hampshire was established by a grant of a Council of New England to John Mason whether than religious disagreement.
All in all, the Puritan’s dream of having a colony with a theocratic government, which the laws were administrated by ecclesiastical authorities failed with the disagreement of believes between them. The settlement of the colonies, Rhode Island and Connecticut were the result of different religious and government concepts. On the contrary, New Hampshire was stablished as a royal colony granted by the Council of England to John Mason. As today, authorities could not enforce laws against people believes, everyone has the right to believe in God’s law or not.

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