The Mass Uncontrolled Islamic Immigration Essays

The Mass Uncontrolled Islamic Immigration Essays

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The mass uncontrolled Islamic immigration is introduced into Europe by the same people behind a world without borders, one-world government and the recent regime changes and invasions. The aim is to destabilise society and introduce a progressive one-world government from the resulting chaos, explained by the author in, Cultural Marxism: An Introduction. In the following article, the author focuses on the effects of intentionally importing Islam into the West and the social consequences of multiculturalism to destroy national identity. Remove national identity and into the vacuum will arise another. In the political headlong dash to appease the ‘religion of peace’, statistical estimates suggest much of Europe will become a Muslim caliphate by 2050.
Arising in the 6th century deserts of Arabia, Islam is an ideology, not just a religion that united the warring tribes of what is now The Middle East. Ever expanding, the spread of Islam stopped at Vienna in 1683, until three centuries later, liberal and progressive European politicians reintroduced it.
The Spread of Islam into Europe
Take away the propaganda and substitute reality, recently viewed a conspiracy theory. The reality behind multicultural propaganda (viewer discretion advised).
Before Europe Awoke
Crazy European Immigration Crisis
The most disturbing video on the Islamic invasion of Europe you’ll ever see
Explaining the rise of Muslim violence by the percentage figures in the societies to which they migrate - Dr Peter Hammond, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.
2016 European Muslim population figures: 5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe. The effects of a static 1400-year old Islamic ideology: Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts...

... middle of paper ...

...ction. ISIS and al-Qaeda both contain a Middle Ages outlook, with all the barbarity of beheadings, stoning’s and mass rapes that always lay beneath the surface. Consequently, with the removal of Saddam and Gaddafi, leaders who kept the lid on the simmering pot, the west both opened and introduced this Pandora’s Box of nightmares into its own societies. As the Western politicians and mass media continue making excuses for an imported barbaric cult, it must expect the consequences arising from it.
Dispelling the myth that Muslims can live peacefully with others.
Timeline: 20 years of terror that shook the west in Europe since 1995.
Timeline: List of Islamist terrorist attacks worldwide since 1980.
Starting with conspiracy theories and cries of racism, the ‘small minority’ quickly grew. The recruitment is already beginning in America, but Europe is no longer laughing.

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