The Mass Murder Act James Holmes Essay example

The Mass Murder Act James Holmes Essay example

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Description of event
An event that inspired me to write my journal was the mass murder act James Holmes committed on July 20th, 2012. The tragic event took place in a theater located in Aurora, Colorado where individuals watched the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (Cabrera et al. 1). Before the film ended, Holmes changed into his Joker costume and quickly returned to fulfill his role: killing innocent people. In order to do this, he threw smoke explosives in between numerous aisles to prevent individuals from leaving. As the confused and scared individuals tried to escape or hide, Holmes fired over 240 rounds of ammunition only stopping once to reload the gun (Cabrera et al. 2). He killed 12 individuals and injured more than 70 before the police arrived and arrested him on the site. In court, Homes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but was sentenced for life without parole (Cabrera et al. 2)

Description of psychology topic
An important topic we have discussed in class is schizophrenia. The typical age of onset in schizophrenia is during the individual’s mid 20’s, but symptoms can start appearing during their late teens until their early 30’s (Vernon, 2015). Additionally, only 1% of the population are diagnosed with schizophrenia, regardless of their gender or demographic background, which is a unique aspect compared to other diagnoses. Schizophrenia many occurs from the numerous studies conducted that was able to create evidence of different biological etiology. Theses studies included: family studies, twin studies, adoption studies, linkage studies, pregnancy studies, and viral studies (Vernon, 2015) The most dominant study is identical twins as they have a high concordance rate of 48% (Cromer 479). This means th...

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...dividual continues switching from active to residual phase.
The main treatments of schizophrenia are: psychotherapy, antipsychotic drugs, and the community approach. Psychotherapy can include family therapy, social therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. During therapy many individuals are also given antipsychotic drugs to help decrease their positive and negative symptoms (depending on what phase they are in). Antipsychotic drugs’ were discovered in antihistamine research, and as mentioned above can be divided into neuroleptics and atypical. Additionally, these drugs are more likely to decrease the positive symptoms the individual exhibits (Cromer 501). Unfortunately, because schizophrenia rarely goes away, the individual is constantly taking antipsychotic drugs; therefore, becoming more tolerant and has to continue increasing the dose to get the same effects.

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