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Mass Media And Mass Communication Essay

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After watching, Save the Last Dance on an NBC affiliate television station, I would analysis if the movie both had the characteristics and displayed the functions of Mass media. Characteristics that must be presented for mass media to have taken place are mass media must be presented and this large audience must have delayed feedback. First and foremost, I would take into consideration whether or not the film had “Mass Media” meaning a large audience which it does due to how it is presented which I will speak further into momentarily. The next aspect that I would take into consideration is how this large audience has a delayed feedback to this film as a result of the receivers being far away from the source of information presented. According to these characteristics the film would be considered mass communication, also because the film is presented on a television which is modern day technology another aspect taken into consider when analyzing whether or not mass communication has taken place.
Furthermore, four functions that I saw portrayed in this film are entertainment, education, socialization, as well was an initiation of social change. This film reminds me of the book The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison which had an entertaining method of teaching that “love sees no color,” as well by utilizing racial stereotypes of their time and in the film specially those commonly found in the mainstream U.S. culture. The film itself takes place in Chicago after a Caucasian ballerina is forced to move there with her father, which is an adjustment in itself because the area in which she lives in is now predominately White. But this isn’t the focus of the movie it is just a relevant aspect in order to highlight racism after Sara begins dati...

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... Paramount Pictures in January of 2001. Which has a direct correlation to proximity because although it was filmed in Chicago it can be accessed locally via television and the web, to pass on and reinstitute its message.
The movie is a great example of issues occurring with racism and even some aspects of the cruel facts that produce some stereotypes that exist in today’s time, but to go so far as saying it is a “great example of race-relation discussions by the two U.S presidential candidates would be going to far. As stated by one of the candidates as a result of being a certain pigment some people end up living in harsh areas. But criminal justice system issues, lack of knowledge of law, and restoring trust between communities and police are too great of issues that aren’t touched enough by Save the Last Dance to say that is a great example of the racial divide.

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