Mass Media and Its Portrayal of Homosexuality Essay

Mass Media and Its Portrayal of Homosexuality Essay

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How homosexuality being represented in the TVB drama within the recent five years.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background…People must learn to hate” - Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela. Even you are black or homosexual, no one is needed to be discriminated or unaccepted in our society. Human beings are born equal and should be shared the same human rights, but where does this misunderstanding come from? People may learn this kind of knowledge through the interaction of people or mass media.

With the advancement of the technical development, television becomes one of the indispensable products in our life and the TV series is a main product of televisions. Not only does it entertain us every day, but it also changes our mind subconsciously. TV series is a good channel to spread ideas over a city. Hong Kong media gradually implanted the idea of heterosexism in our mind which is usually in a negative way, and trying to represent stereotypical images of homosexual to the general public. How did the TVB series influence us within the recent 5 years? In the following of the report, literature reviews will be included and we are going to analyze the research based on the data that provided by The House News (主場新聞)and the Nu Tong Xue She (女同學社).
Literature Review
According to an American cultural forum, mass media is ‘the way in which members of a society are shaped, changed, directed, and influenced by their most pervasive forms of communication. It has to do with the ways in which the lives of people are reflected by the content of those communication forms.’ (Wrigley 244) It is one of the powerful social institutions in the socialization of gender (as well...

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