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Mass Media And Digital Media Essay

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Convergence is defined as the process or state of converging. In media, this term is used to describe a relationship between mass media and digital media. With the arrival and success of the technological age, mass media started to merge with digital media. From this, media content, technology, regulations and even organisations in the media industry began to converge. This essay will look into how convergence contributes to the relationship that mass media and digital media have, and whether the term ‘convergence’ is adequate in describing this relationship.

There are many different parts of convergence in the media and all of them are related. The main part of convergence discussed is about how old media is beginning to merge with new media, or technological convergence. Henry Jenkins (as cited in Dwyer, 2010) explains this type of convergence in media is the flow of content between media forms. Media is the main means of mass communication and this involves forms like, television, radio, and television. Tim Dwyer (2010) discusses convergence as enabling the audience to access different media services on a single platform or device. The idea is that content from mass media is being converged with digital media and that multiple media forms can be created and used in one device. This is also known as ‘Terminal Convergence’ (Storsul & Fagerjord, 2008), which explains that with the rise of digitisation, comes the prospect of being able to access different forms of media in a singular device, like computers. Digital media, also known as new media, is basically translating information in old media into digital information. This is written in a language called binary code, something that is only readable by computers (Feldman, 1997)....

... middle of paper ... aspects of the media also saw convergence as a result of the merger of mass media to digital media. The relationship gave rise to the creation of multimedia organisations, where media and telecommunication companies converge. The convergence in media even went as far as affecting regulations in media. Laws from old media have been adapted and unite with new laws made for digital media.

In conclusion, the relationship the mass media and digital media is that through convergence aspects of each are combined to create a form that uses old media through new media technologies. It is convergence that describes the merging of aspects of the media, like content, technology, regulations, organisation. From the use of old media content through digital media, to the merging of organisations to create multimedia companies, mass media is definitely experiencing convergence.

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