Essay Mass Medi The Lives Of The People Living

Essay Mass Medi The Lives Of The People Living

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Mass media has encaptivated the lives of the people living in this era. It has become a way to show the norms and expectations that you should expect to see everywhere you look. Except for the fact that it is not. Mass media actually shows people what they should probably never expect to see in any real life situation. The way that we portray people of both genders is above any level of “beauty” that anyone could ever hope to see. In twenty-first century media publications, one will now only ever see what is now being termed as “Barbies”. These are people that have had their images manipulated to have a physique that is physically impossible by the bounds of human anatomy. Both men and women are made to look more appealing in most mass media publications as to make more sales, and more money for the companies that produce them. The way that the media presents both men and women creates many stereotypes and expectations that destroy the self-esteem of American citizens, while also putting money into the pockets of the companies of Wall Street.
The way that women are presented in today’s society is atrocious. Mass media is teaching American women that in order to look beautiful, they must change themselves into something that “everyone likes”. What some do not understand, or perhaps what they understand too well, is that by distributing images like the ones in magazines, TV shows, and other major media sources today they are really tearing down the self-image of every female in America. This is because the body types that are being portrayed as normal are actually high above anything that anyone can hope to achieve. According to a research paper, by Stephanie Berberick, it is apparent that widespread Internet use, the advent of rea...

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...heir models, the more money they make on their products.
The stereotypes that are presented by mass media companies are not only impossible to attain, but are harmful to those who attempt to reach them. The more we as viewers try to live up to those unobtainable goals, the more money we put into the pockets of the companies who prey on our own self-image issues. We need to rid America of the current expectations that we hold our citizens up to, and start promoting more obtainable goals that people can actually achieve. Big money America is throwing the self-worth of our citizens down the drain. The longer that we allow companies to throw these impractical expectations at our citizens, the longer we will have to deal with the effects of them. Stereotypes and expectations are a huge problem in America. We need to face them now before they become an even bigger issue.

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