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Mass Effect is a series of three games with a sprawling universe to explore in every game and a massively immersive storyline. The games are set in the around year 2183, and everyone now has the ability to travel through space at ease, communicate with other alien races, and settle on other planets. Only the first two games of the trilogy have come out so far. The focus of this paper will be on the second of the two. One of the unique things about the Mass Effect series is that you are able to customize your character when you start the game and depending on the choices you make in the games the story will change dramatically. For the sake of this paper I will be assuming that the protagonist is a male, and the player has played through making good moral choices. John Shepard is the hero of these games. He also has a crew that help him along comprised of Jacob, Miranda, and Mordin to name a few. The villains of these games are the Reapers, an extremely advanced race of synthetic/organic warships, whose main goal is to harvest every living organic being in the galaxy. In the second Mass Effect game there is a second villain that comes into play, the Collectors. The Collectors are being directly controlled by the Reapers to harvest humans. The mystic guide for the first Mass Effect was Captain Anderson, and in the second game it is a man known only as "The Illusive Man."
Since this paper is going to focus on the events and story of Mass Effect 2 more than the original Mass Effect, I will give a short recap on the events that transpired in the original. John Shepard is stationed on the ship SSV Normandy as executive officer, with Captain Anderson as commander. They are sent to the planet Eden Prime to recover an unearthed Prothean...

... middle of paper ...

...up an explosive chain reaction that will completely eliminate the base. Whichever one is picked it up to the player like many other choices in game. After this choice is made, Shepard and his crew quickly evacuate, get back aboard the Normandy, and fly off into the distance and the Collectors are completely destroyed.
As we can see this story has all the guidelines for basic myth. As I have mentioned before you have your hero, Commander Shepard, your villains, the Reapers and the Collectors, and your mystic guides, Captain Anderson and The Illusive Man. It also includes a journey, as Shepard is constructing his team to travel to the Collector's base. The Mission was to destroy the Collector threat. The final battle was the fight against the human Reaper. And, at the end they did have victory, as they destroyed the human Reaper and eliminated the Collector threat!

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