Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Need Essay

Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Need Essay

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There are many theories trying to explain the key to motivation and how to be successful. The three main theories are Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, McGregor’s Theories X and Y, and the Herzberg’s two-factor theory. They all try to explain how employees are motivated and how organizations can be successful with their employees. However, I think the most important theory would be Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs. It is based on the individual person and how they respond to five needs categorized in a hierarchy. The hierarchy is shaped like a pyramid and each need is given based on how much the person depends on it. The first level and the most important would be physiological. It includes hunger, thirst, shelter, sex and other bodily needs that you depend on to survive. It is the biggest because it is the first thing a person needs to survive and function in your daily life. The second level would be safety. Safety includes security and protection from physical and emotional harm. The third tier would be social which consists of affection, belongingness, acceptance, and friendship. The fourth level would be categorized as esteem which includes internal factors such as self-respect, autonomy, and achievement. While external factors would include status, recognition, and attention. Finally, the fifth level would be self-actualization. It is the smallest level and the one that a person needs the least. It includes the drive to become what we are capable of becoming such as; growth, achieving our potential, and self-fulfillment. One important thing is that tier 1-2 are all low order needs and satisfied through external factors and tiers 3-5 are high order internal factors.
All of these needs are very important and impact individuals differentl...

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... People who think like that would want to achieve affection, belonging, self- respect, and attention. They would try to gain attention by being a people pleaser, becoming a follower rather than a leader, and trying to find a place to belong to within a group. They value what others think of them very highly and just want to be recognized either in status or growth.
I think Maslow’s theory is the best out of all three and the one which most people identify with the most. It’s easy to read and comprehend to any individual in any country. It is mostly based on common sense and the underlining needs of basic survival traveling all the way to self-fulfillment. It is also the most well-known and popular theory known to people. Overall, I think Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory is the most accurate and effective in predicting people’s behavior and how they are motivated.

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