Masculinity, By Michael Kimmel, And `` Boys Will Be Boys : Deconstructing Masculinity And Manhood At Dartmouth

Masculinity, By Michael Kimmel, And `` Boys Will Be Boys : Deconstructing Masculinity And Manhood At Dartmouth

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In the United States, there are many problems that stem from one seemingly small problem; masculinity. In our country, and many others, men are expected to behave a certain way or they are considered invalid to their gender. The reason masculinity is toxic is because it leads to higher levels of violence and sexual assault. As a society, we need to redefine what masculinity means and how we can change it so it will be a positive thing in our country opposed to a negative thing.
Michael Kimmel is a renowned sociologist who is knowledgeable in gender studies. In his video, “Boys Will Be Boys: Deconstructing Masculinity and Manhood at Dartmouth”, he talks about how gender has become an issue because women have made it an issue. Men never looked at gender as a problem because they have male privilege. Kimmel says when he looked in the mirror, he saw a human being, but when women look in the mirror, they see women. For women of color, they see their race and their gender. Women have brought gender into the spotlight because it affects us directly. Everyone has a different story when it comes to how gender affects them. Some women are privileges and don’t feel that feminism is important because they don’t have problems in their lives. Unfortunately, they don’t see the bigger picture. Many men also feel that feminism isn’t needed. However, feminism affects women and men. Kimmel states that one way of being masculine is to “not be a sissy”. Our society doesn’t allow men to have feelings or take part in anything feminine. Since feminism is about gender equality, feminists strive to make men more comfortable in their gender and that includes being able to express themselves without being shamed for being “girly”. Gender equality helps both...

... middle of paper ... turn try to control women. So, if all the fathers were to contract a disease, would the boys still grow up to be aggressive or would they become more feminine?
Masculinity is a rough subject to talk about in the U.S. because we have never had to face it and it’s never been called out before. Up until recently, it hasn’t been a problem. However, we now can see how being masculine hurts men and women. Feminism is important for all sexes because it can create gender equality for everyone. Men should be allowed to break out of the little box that society put them in without fear of being shunned. We need to work on giving men the freedom to be expressive or soft. Masculinity limits men and hurts women. If we can break the cycle of this ideal of manhood that requires them to be tough and dominate, we can create a more progressive society that would benefit everyone.

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