Marzena: About a Dancer Essay

Marzena: About a Dancer Essay

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Everybody in the world is unique. Marzena is probably the most interesting person you will ever meet. She is a great person, and is very proud of being who she is. She is extremely loyal, sweet, fashionable and is an amazing dancer. Her friends always brag about her to their families and other friends. Her family describes her as the most fashionable person in the family and hope she will become a fashion designer when she grows up. In her free time she dances. She loves dancing and people constatntly compliment her on how good she is. She is an amazing person. Everybody who hangs out with her is very lucky. Marzena has great loyalty, is a sweetheart, fashionista and a amazing dancer.
First being a loyal person is very hard but Marzena makes it look easy. Being loyal means that someone will keep promises and secrets no matter what. A loyal person will be honest but not hurt anybody. There is a small handful of people who are loyal and if someone has one as a friend they are incredibly lucky. That person needs to take care of that loyal friend. There was a rumor that Marzena has never told anybody a secret since the third grade. It is almost a world record, and is uttuly true. Why wouldn't it be? From all the friends Marzena has everyone of her friends will say that she is a very loyal friend. When someone is having a hard day they come to Marzena and talk his or her heart out because she is a great listener. Not one of the words that person said will be said again. As you can see, any person in the world knows that Marzena is an extremely loyal person and friend.
Next there are a lot of nice people about the world but there is something different in Marzena, she is always charming. Sh...

... middle of paper ...

...aga asked her to dance at her concert as a back up dancer but she had to decline because she got a better offer. Dance is Marzena's life, she loves it and is good at it.
In conclusion, fashionable Marzena is very sweet, loyal and is a great dancer. She has the best outfits out of everybody in her grade. She is very loyal which makes her a great listener. She never spills secrets, and has kept every secret she knows since third grade. Marzena is extremely sweet and makes a great friend. She has only a couple of friends but they are very close. Her friends also say great things about her. She is a great dancer who has danced the polka, salsa, hip-hop, cha cha, jazz, and ballet. Clearly, Marzena is an amazing person that is worth getting to know. People are clawing down her door, trying to talk to her because they know she would make the greatest friend in the world.

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