Mary Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women Essay

Mary Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women Essay

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In Mary Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication of the Rights of Women, she contemplates the subordinate role of women in society and the many factors, natural and artificial, that contributes to this inequality of power among the sexes. She advocates for the equal playing field of education. Women are only educated to the degree of what is seen as useful to what is considered their natural, sexual character. She says virtue cannot be held to different standards or criteria because that would make virtue relative. Although there are obvious differences and physical inequalities between the sexes, these cannot make one sex superior to the other because what truly sets mankind apart from other brute creatures is our ability to reason. All of mankind are given equal capabilities of reason, regardless of sex. However, it is quality of education that either facilitates the flourishing or suppression of reason. For women, their limited education, enforced by men, suppresses their reason and only encourages feminine virtues, this creates the illusion that frivolity and agreeableness are their only natural interests. They serve only as companions to men, as objects of desire, and as the vessels for carrying offspring. These assumptions are incorrect and are based on insufficient evidence. Wollstonecraft looks to reveal that the natural inequalities of the sexes, should they exist, can only be truly established on the equal playing grounds of education. You cannot effectively oppress, create a relationship based wholly on dependence and judge the behavior of the subordinate group of people as their natural inclination.
Wollstonecraft doesn 't shy away from the visible evidence that would lead to the conclusion that, in society, men posses super...

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... also produce better and more virtuous children. These children can then peruse their own virtue and rationality, guided by their mothers and consequently, these marriages will produce better citizens.
Wollstonecraft seeks to educate in her own right in the hopes that she can enlighten her reader towards the encouragement of rationality for both sexes. She doesn 't deny the current inequalities, rather, she points out that the current state is insufficient evidence towards the inferiority of women. She points out their seemingly willing enslavement as indicators of an unhealthy mind and rationality. She urges toward the untapped potential of women. In doing so, mankind itself can be reshaped and begin to progress towards healthy minded individuals, virtuous marriages, and encouraged virtue in the subsequent generations. Women are the key to a more virtuous society.

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