Mary Tudor's Reign on Englad Essay

Mary Tudor's Reign on Englad Essay

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Mary Tudor's reign on England was unsuccessful because her goal of returning England to the Roman Catholic church was never completely fulfilled. Mary Tudor's decisions as queen were mostly driven by anger and the want to get revenge. Although Mary Tudor could be very kind and giving to her people at times a fact that is remembered by many is how Queen Mary allowed many brutal executions of people in England to be performed just because of their choice of religion. That can curb people's opinions of her very fast.
Mary Tudor was born as a princess into a very royal family; the Tudor family. Mary was born February 18, 1516 at the palace of Greenwich. Mary was baptized the following Wednesday. Cardinal Wolsey was appointed as Mary's godfather. Her parents, Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon, were very pleased with their healthy baby and gave all indications of surviving. Mary is the only child of Henry and Catherine to survive childhood. . Henry VIII was very fond of babies. He loved to show Mary off telling that she never cried. Henry often took off Mary's cab to show off her long hair to foreign visitors. As Mary grew she took many traits from both of her parents. Mary had a fair complexion from her father along with gray eyes from her mother. (
At the age of 2 Mary was engaged for the first time to the dauphin of France, who was son of Francis I. Three years later that proposal was broken off. Shortly after that Mary was affianced to her cousin emperor Charles V. Charles later abandoned Mary to marry Isabella of Portugal. Henry VIII tried to betroth Mary to the most prestigious men in Europe. (Encyclopedia Britannica)
Mary was a high spirited and enthusiastic child. Mary was always given the fine...

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...t occurred. Queen Mary was thought to be pregnant. That proved to be false. Some thought Mary had just gained a lot of weight at one time but other thought it was a tumor. Queen Mary had failed to give birth to an heir to the throne. (
Queen Mary had an unsuccessful reign because she failed to return England totally back to Catholicism which was her main goal. Although Queen Mary had cleared out all Protestant bishops and replaced them with Catholic ones that only lasted during her reign. Queen Mary had restored the Catholic Mass and banned Holy Communion. But she did not execute everyone who was not catholic. Therefore England was not all catholic. Whenever Queen Mary Tudor died in 1558, possibly of cancer, all her hopes of ruling a completely Catholic country died with her. Elizabeth I was her successor. (

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