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Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
She became queen when she was only 6 days old. She was sent to France at age six to get married. She is the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I. Who is this elegant, yet struggling woman? Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. Beautiful and brave, Mary Stuart was known for being the Queen of Scotland, France, and was in line for the throne of England and she was also considered the true queen of England.
Mary Stuart was born on December 8, 1542, in Lithingow Palace, Scotland. She was the daughter of King James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. Her father died only six days after Mary was born, so she became Queen of Scotland when she was only six days old (Haws Early Life par 1). She was crowned on the ninth of September the following year at Sterling. Mary was christened in the Parish Church of St. Michael, near the palace (“Mary, Queen of Scots” par 1). Later, when Mary turned six, she was sent to France by her French mother for her protection. While she was there, she lived as the French royal family (Haws Early Life par 1 and 2). When she set off to France, she traveled with the Children of Scotland’s Nobility, which included the Four Marys. They are the women who would stay with her throughout anything (“Mary Queen of Scots Bio” par 5). They were also educated at the French court with Mary, where she was brought up.
During her stay in France, King Henry gave Mary precedence over his own daughters, since she was going to marry his son in the future. Later, in April 1558, she married Henry’s son, the Dauphin Francis, when she was 15 years old. Soon after, in July 1559, when King Henry died, Francis became King Francis II of France, thus making Mary the Queen of France also (Haws Early Life par 1-2). Since Fran...

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...he gave birth to her only son James VI. After Henry died, she married the Earl of Bothwell, even after he was accused for the death of Henry (“Mary, Queen of Scots” par 6-12). They ran away together and formed an army to protect them and fight with them (“Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots” par 7-8). Mary had confusing and specified accomplishments in her life, many of which were marriage and her being a queen of many countries.
To conclude, Mary had a very hard and complicated life, especially with England tying to kill her. James VI replaced his mother’s throne, and later he took the English throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. Mary was bought up in France. She only had reign over Scotland for 6 years. Mary and Elizabeth I never actually met. Mary died on February 8, 1587 (“Fun Trivia MQoS”). “In my end is my beginning.” – Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

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