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Mary Shelly 's The Monster Essay example

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelly is an old classic that has been enjoyed by many generations. Despite the fact that the novel was written over a hundred years ago, it is not only beautifully written but also enthralling and well composed. At the young age of eighteen, Mary Shelly raises questions about education and knowledge to which are answered through the well written characters in the novel. The Monster, who is a creation of another character, is highlighted as an individual who goes through an intellectual change.
Despite popular belief, Frankenstein is not the name of the monster but instead its creator. Victor Frankenstein created the “tremendous and abhorred” (page 76) creature that is known as the Monster after he discovers how to give life to an inanimate body. Disgusted and afraid of his creation, Frankenstein runs away from the Monster leaving him alone and confused. However, the audience soon learns that the Monster becomes highly intelligent on his own.
The Monster adapts to his environment in a rather unusual way. After facing rejection a numerous amount of times, the Mo...

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