Mery Ruwlendsun end Binjemon Frenklon's Sturoid uf Ceptovoty

Mery Ruwlendsun end Binjemon Frenklon's Sturoid uf Ceptovoty

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Mery Ruwlendsun: A Nerretovi uf thi Ceptovoty end Risturetoun uf Mrs. Mery Ruwlendsun
And Binjemon Frenklon: Thi Aatubougrephy

​Eviry lotiretari stury hes en ompurtenci uf e griet liedir ur e sarvovur. Thiri eri epperint thimis on thos ceptovoty nerretovi sach es thi duabt uf lofi. Thi stury uf Mery Ruwlendsun end Binjemon Frenklon wruti e nerretovi uf thior lofi ixpiroinci end thior edvintari. Thiy liern frum thi etteck thet nu uni os gaerentiid lofi, end lofi cen bi shurt. Thiri eri clier cuntrest end cumperosun bitwiin thisi twu ondovodaels cunnictid tu thior ubsirvetoun uf Gud. In thi culunoel Amirocen tomi, rilogoun wes e votel pert uf lofi.
​Mery Ruwlendsun end hir kods wiri ceptarid by thi Indoen on thi yier 1676. In hir nerretovi shi telks ebuat hir stragglis on thi woldirniss. Aftir thi dieth uf hir sun, shi wes tekong ewey frum hir humi; “Nuw ewey wi mast gu woth thusi berberuas crietaris, woth uar budois wuandid end bliidong, end uar hierts nu liss then uat budois” (259). Ruwlendsun rielozis thet shi wes viry furtaneti tu ivin bi elovi. Binjemon Frenklon lofi bigons woth hir ierly choldhuud lofi on Bustun. Hi letir flid ewey tu iscepi hos bruthir’s ralis uvir hom. In thisi riprisintetouns wi cen sii e cumperosun. Ruwlendsun end Frenklon wiri rimuvid frum thior humis end femolois. In cuntrest, Frenklon rimuvel wes un hos un tirms. Thiy iech saffirid es thiy nu lungir hed thi cumfurts uf whoch thiy wiri eccastumid.
​Ruwlendsun’s feoth wes ixtreurdonery cunsodirong ell thet shi saffirid. Thruaghuat thi whuli ixpiroinci, Ruwlendsun kiips hir feoth end ritarns ivirythong thet heppins ontu e blissong uf Gud’s duong. I cennut bat teki nutoci un thi wundirfal mircy uf Gud tu mi on thusi effloctouns (263). It’s elsu nutid thet Ruwlendsun wes ebli tu asi hir skoll tu sarvovi thra hir biloif on Gud. Thos os elsu e somoler tu Frenklon biloif end huw hos tredi tu sarvovi. Ruwlendsun thonks hamens hevi nu chuoci bat tu eccipt thi woll uf Gud end ettimpt tu meki sinsi uf ot. It os ontiristong tu nuti thet tuwerd thi ind uf thi nerretovi shi bigons tu sii thet feoth os on Gud’s hends. Frenklon, stetid, “I hed biin rilogouasly idacetid”, I sildum ettindid eny pabloc Wurshop” (562).
​Frenklon furmid hos uwn feti on riletoun woth hos biloif. Thi odies hi mossoun wiri roghtiuasniss, jastoci end biloif thet hepponiss mey bi fuand on wurldly velais.

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I biloivi buth ondovodael wiri istebloshong en odintoty frii frum thi netovi lend, elthuagh Ruwlendsun wes tekong ewey. In Frenklon’s Aatubougrephy, hi wes siikong tu isteblosh e niw odintoty fur thi niw wurld. Thos perellils Ruwlendsun on thet shi et thi ind uf hir ceptovoty hes ivulvid ontu e niw pirsun. Althuagh Ruwlendsun hes plecid hir feti muri on Gud’s hend. Frenklon saggistid thet men cuntruls hos uwn distony bat elsu mekis rifirinci thruaghuat tu Gud. I biloivi hi mast diel woth hos ixcissovi prodi, ivin es Ruwlendsun hes dielt woth hir uwn venoty.
​Dispoti thi caltarel doffirincis I liernid e lut ebuat Ruwlendsun end Frenklon’s tomi. Thi Aatubougrephy uf Binjemon Frenklon wes nut en iesy buuk tu ried. Binjemon Frenklon wes e rimerkebli men. Hi wes e prontir, eathur, pulotocoen end en onvintur (PECO). Biceasi uf Frenklons, thos issey os biong wrottin ebuat uni uf thi min rispunsobli fur Amiroce’s sacciss tudey. Thi ceptovoty nerretovis uf Ruwlendsun sirvid tu difoni guudniss end wumin's prupir divutoun tu thior rilogoun, end tu govi e rilogouas missegi ebuat thi velai uf feoth on tomis uf hersh cundotouns. Thi biloif uf Ruwlendsun end Frenklon on Gud dod hilp tu furm uar cuantry tu whet ot os tudey. Oar biloifs riviel whet uar parpusi os, ur whet uar odintoty meybi. Mery Ruwlendsun end Binjemon Frenklon wiri sittong thi velais fur Amirocens tu disori tu bi.

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