Mary Christie 's Novel, And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie Essay example

Mary Christie 's Novel, And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie Essay example

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As the mists of tension fall around Indian Island and cold bodies settle into their resting places, blood does not run as a masked murderer skulks throughout a party of ten already guilty murderers. In Agatha Christie’s novel, And Then There Were None, Christie created her own ultimate justice system that examines the extremes required to break social stratification. Variant from the traditional justice structure, Christie creates a system that erases the human err commonly faced in criminal justice, such as bias towards a specific class or false judgement of a person’s character; however, the previous flaws are replaced by greater sin in the ultimate justice system established within the novel. Thus, the social constructs upheld by judgement and privilege are shown blatantly within the novel as these barriers can only be brought down by panic and a primal dependence. Breaking down a person’s inner thoughts and guilt while fracturing a construction of unnecessary stratification, Christie’s new system brings great progress while wreaking great havoc.
With the typical mystery novel falling between the common outline of victims and an unknown criminal that is painted in a dull and consistent palette of predictability, every single character in this storyline is a criminal but also a victim of their own guilt. Rather than exploring the mere surface of leveled justice, a deeper meaning of the concept is reached as death is doled out in an order of increasing guilt; those who are less guilty die towards the beginning of the purge to evade the anxiety and panic that haunts one as they continue their trek and witness their fate. Evading the governmental justice system before, the characters are emotionally tortured as t...

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...a that class can be overcome is exposed, it takes the weight of imminent murder to impede upon British social stratification.
Using the poem, “Ten Little Indians” to outline the fatalities that occur within the cryptic shadows of the mansion, the assassin uses simplicity to convey innocence before proven guilty. All of the victims or criminals upon the island have been denoted as guilty by the murderer, but the guests can hold onto their own remnants of purity before they reach divine judgement and face the deific punishments that do not know sway, for all are equal under the shade of death. Perhaps rather than creating her own justice system averse to the conventional judiciary structure, Christie was demonstrating that death is the only initiation into the supreme judicial foundry that does not classify people upon status and is not judged by human err.

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