Mary and Max: A Dark Tale of Two People Finding the Light Essay

Mary and Max: A Dark Tale of Two People Finding the Light Essay

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Mary and Max tells the heart warming tale of a lonely 8 year old girl from Australia and a 44 year old man plagued by Aspergers and anxiety who are able to develop a friendship through writing letters. Mary Daisy Dinkle loves three things: her pet rooster, sweetened condensed milk, and the Noblets, a children’s tv show. With parents absent from her life and the kids at school bullying her for her birthmark, Mary is only able to find solace in someone thousands of miles away. Max Jerry Horowitz also loves Noblets, chooses the same lottery tickets every time and suffers from anxious overeating and not being able to understand others due to his Aspergers. While Mary’s demand for advice is often a heavy burden, Max is still grateful for his only friendship with Mary. After premiering at the Sundance festival in 2009, Mary and Max went on to receive a few small awards within its own genre. Despite its lack of international success, Mary and Max has still been able to grip the hearts of those who have viewed it. With not only holding a unique entertainment factor, but also a gripping message, it is important to analyze what makes Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max such a powerful film.
I. Structure
Even though the movie portrays Mary and Max in two separate worlds, their realms are melded together through the point of view, similar internal conflicts and naivety expressed through language. In this Claymation, the point of view is a bit convoluted. Both character’s stories are being told through letter; Max’s point of view takes over when Mary reads his letters and vice versa. By enveloping each character in the other’s life by allowing them to have a voice while thousands of miles away, the point of view allows for a stronger bond between the ...

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