Marxism Is No Greater Critic Than Society Essay

Marxism Is No Greater Critic Than Society Essay

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There is no greater critic than society. Society tells people how they should look, act, and live. Being a part of the right social class is also a very important thing because if you are not, you will be looked down upon and not treated as an equal. Marxism is a theory that explains these issues in society, mainly separated into two categories: class struggles, and materialism, stated in the article “Karl Mark and Marxism” written by Southern Utah University. Many people are under great stress and pressure as a result of society. Stated by Karl Marx in “German Ideology” “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force” explaining that the people in higher classes seem to control everything. Marxism is a reflection of society because it explains the struggles of people in different social classes and the materialistic ways of life, two very important traits of society. In The Bluest Eye, an explicit novel written by Tony Morrison, the struggle of poverty and racial differences are reflected through a young black girl named Pecola, in a way that shows higher privileged individuals what a life with disadvantages can be like.
This novel takes place in the time before the civil rights movement in the early 1900’s. Although these characters in the novel are not slaves, they are still under the harsh criticism of the white people of this time. The colored people are still under the control of the white families that have money or land, and this makes Pecola believe that she is lesser because of her skin color and her social status. “The Breedloves did not live in a storefront because they were having tempor...

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...mething time and time again no matter how hurtful, one will start to believe it. Pecola is told over and over again how she should act and how unimportant she is and she begins to believe it. Anyone that is forced into a lifestyle that they cannot control sooner or later will have to begin to believe that there is nothing better for them anymore, just as Pecola feels in her own life.
There has never been a time on this earth that there was not a specific class system. One person has always been better than another, whether it be based on their size, strength, education or skin color. It is basic human nature to compare oneself to another just because that is how people’s brains work. In Pecola’s situation she never had anyone tell her anything good about herself, so she only compared herself negatively to others. This lead to her insanity at the end of the novel.

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