Marx Was The Eldest Of Nine Children Born Into The Prominent Jewish Family Of Keinrich And Henrietta Marx

Marx Was The Eldest Of Nine Children Born Into The Prominent Jewish Family Of Keinrich And Henrietta Marx

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Karx Marx was the eldest of nine children born into the prominent Jewish family of Keinrich and Henrietta Marx. According to Marx’s biography, Marx’s family convert to the Evangelical Established Church when he was very young (Karl Marx, 2015). During his high school years, 1830 to 1835 in Trier, he “exhibited a spirit of Christian devotion and a longing for self-sacrifice on behalf of humanity” throughout his writings (Karl Marx, 2015). He attended university in both Bonn and Berlin, where he exclusively studied the humanities, law, and philosophy. Throughout his time at university, Marx met people who would impact his views and ideals. In 1841, Marx was awarded his doctorate and began writing for a newspaper called Rheninische Zeitung. Soon he became the editor of the paper writing pieces on social and economic issues. However, the Prussian government closed the paper for its expressive view. After the paper was shut down, Marx and his wife Jenny moved to Paris. Discussion in Marx’s biography, Paris was the center for the most extreme socialist, which is more formally known as communism (Karl Marx, 2015). Soon Marx became known throughout the city as a revolutionary, however his time in Paris was short. In 1845, he was banished from France because of his views and moved to Brussels. His time in Brussels was spent “developing his views and, through confrontations with the chief leaders of the working-class movement, established his intellectual standing (Karl Marx, 2015).” He wrote the pamphlet The Communist Manifesto with his partner Friedrich Engels. After that Karl Marx became a leader in the revolution that occurred in Europe in 1848 where his helped negotiate between leaders and worker (Karl Marx, 2015). However, again, he ...

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...the decades after World War II, the United upheld their capitalist democracy to Soviet Union Marxist inspired communism dictatorship. According to Gutek, after 1990 when the Soviet Union dissolved and the Communism party discredited Marxism political forces greatly declined (Gutek, 1995 pgs.293-294). Even though Marxist ideals have decrease, Karl Marx’s philosophies are still present and guide global leaders in social development.
I disagree with many of Karl Marx’s views. Karl Marx used brutal force to cause revolution to take away people’s freedoms. His philosophies have been seen by dictators throughout the 19th to 21st centuries as a way to control a population and a cause for violence. He called for a class war that would end the way society was run and create a more “economic structure” society where a person would be strip of who they would to fit into a box.

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