Marx 's Theory Of Justice

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“All I know is that I’m not a Marxist,” stated ironically by Karl Marx, a brilliant and enlightened philosopher.2 Marxism is a conflict theory formed by socialist thinkers like Fredrich Engels and Karl Marx. Marxism is the basis for the theory and practice of communism. It has a unique combination of German philosophy, British political economy, and French socialism. Marx’s theory of justice is linked with the concept of self-emancipating society from the “exploiting class.” Marxists believe that the ruling classes control the workers. This theory targets the unequal conflict and creates a barrier between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. It is a belief in which capitalism is the reason for this barrier, and in this case, caused violation and vandalism between these divided groups.1 Marxism was the result of the Industrial Revolution and was developed by aspects of class struggles and rebellions between two unequal sectors.3 Hundreds of years ago in Europe, the question frequently asked was, “ Can our system function without capitalists?” This notion trusts that the system can function without manipulating capitalists. Marx argues how the workers minimum wage is only enough to maintain their lives. Marxists believe that “The capitalists make money by selling goods at a market price higher than this wage, and the difference between market price and minimum wage is the profit for all the capitalist.” “What is the communist hypothesis?” The communist manifesto explains that another class should not exploit the “struggling class”. Marx’s hypothesis is that changing this unbelievable system is not inevitable. This network can terminate the inequality of wealth. If a forced state separate from civic society, then reestablishing o... ... middle of paper ... he “hated” Marxism for his theory. Because of his decision to expand his philosophy, he was put in jail. Yet, he led his country to form a state capitalism and despite all of Marx’s enlightened ideologies, the whole private capitalist world is moving.6 The ideal of social justice has developed throughout the ages and continues to develop from one era to the other. And this is all based on the economic relations. This notion plays a decisive role in establishing social justice. Marxism focuses on the society that could not attain justice.2 Nonetheless, Vice President Milovan Djilas’s role is to show that everyone, no matter what class makes sacrifices. “The terrible thing is that one cannot be a Communist and not let oneself in for the shameful act of recantation. One cannot be a communist and preserve an iota of ones personal integrity” stated by Milovan Djilas.
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