Essay on Marx 's Impact On Modern Society

Essay on Marx 's Impact On Modern Society

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Marx Weber was one of the greatest theorist in history. In his work we can see how his thinking about rationality has developed and what impact it has on the modern society. Marx in his work showed a relationship between production, exchange and raises questions about social class, culture and self-identity. To answer the question why Marx`s claim that in capitalist modernity `all that is solid melts into air” I will look at history of class conflict, what makes the bourgeoisie a revolutionary class and the role of exploitation. Also I will look at changes from feudalism to capitalism and what are the implication of this `melting` process for modern society.

In every epoch of history we find a gradation of social rank. As early as ancient Rome there existed patricians, slaver, plebeians; in the Middle Age feudal lords, vassals. It is easy to see that all the social changes were linked to class straggle. All groups were arrangement into various orders. Marx`s argued that all the civilization have two key classes in conflict based on means of production, mean wealth generated in society like banks, institution, big company (Marx, Karl, 1848) . It is really interesting that any society in the history has not done away with the class antagonism. New societies rather created new classes and new condition of exploitation in place of the old one.
Battles between lords and peasants were not something new.
As a later poem tells:
“The villeins and the peasants...
Held several parliaments.
They spread out this command:
He who is higher, he is the enemy...
And several of them made an oath
That they would never agree
To have lord or master.” (A Rossi, 1938, p148)

In first feudal age, the lands in the Europe was divided between baronies....

... middle of paper ...

...nization and globalization process which was created by capitalism. He meant by this words, that in place of tradition and our individualist we created mass market. Which actually never will able to give as happiness, but its self-prospering machines which will lead as to tragedy. As we can see nowadays Mass market changed our lives completely, our existence is based on working and buying. We trying to buy our dreams, which are not something which we need but it’s just a form of mass marker. Families and people relation structure has changes, and even marriages are often based not on love but on financial matches. Our planet is slowly dying because over production (air, water, GMOs, pesticides etc.). People straggle with unemployment and economical system with lost consumer income, tax base and GDP growth. Maybe we are now witnesses of `melts into air’ of capitalism?

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