Essay about The Martyr of Modern Science

Essay about The Martyr of Modern Science

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The Martyr of Modern Science

Among ten other men dressed in long blood red robes with elaborately decorated gold and jeweled crosses draped around their necks. you are centralized with seamlessly all the attention upon you, as if they were judging you. You are Galileo Galilei and it is 1633, you are being tried by the Roman Inquisition. you have been found guilty of heresy with an abnormal sentencing to confinement within your home.
The fifteenth cold day of February in 1564 is the birthday of Galileo Galilei. His father Vincenzo Galilei and Mother Giulia Deli Ammannati were both nobles but lacking wealth. Galileo was the eldest of the six children, then Virgina Galilei his sister, and a couple years later Michelagnolo Galilei. Galileo was one of the fortunate children to live through infancy among his other four brothers and sisters. He was baptized in the cathedral of Pisa. in 1574 Galileo’s family decided to move to Florence from Pisa. During this transition Galileo decides to stay behind at the monastery of Santa Maria di Vallombrosa. While he is staying at the monastery he takes real consideration of joining the order. It doesn’t take to long for Galileo to decided to return to his Family in Florence sometime in July of 1579. Vincenzio, Galileo’s father was a recognized musician known for his lute play. Likely due to his father's influence Galileo also studied music theory but let his youngest brother Michelagnolo go on to be the noted lutenist successor to Vincenzio. Vincenzio desired for his eldest son to become educated with focus of becoming a doctor, likely contributed to not being wealthy himself and wanted more for his son. Beginning his education at the University of Pisa in 1581, Galileo chooses to enroll as a st...

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