Martin 's Father 's Life Essay

Martin 's Father 's Life Essay

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Always being present in Martin’s life, Martin’s father showed just how compassionate he was towards Martin’s illness by being with Martin in times of uncertainty, anguish and suffering (Doane &Varcoe, 2015). Martin’s father did everything for Martin, trying to alleviate and fix as much of Martin’s discomfort even if Martin could not communicate his pain verbally, never turning away from Martin’s suffering (Mitchell & bunker, 2003). Although Martin’s father not only showed his compassion by the care he provided Martin. Martin’s father included Martin in the family activities like watching the television and listening to the radio in the car. Helping Martin by showing Martin the love of a father to a son, the love Martin’s father showed Martin helped to humble Martin and make Martin feel human (Caputo, 1987). The care that Martin’s fathers provided each day for Martin just how committed Martin’s father was. Investing Martin’s father’s time and energy throughout the day to Martin’s care then to working full time. Martin’s father showed just how self-sacrificing he was for Martin and his family by the care he provided for Martin and then on top of that, working full time. In order for Martin’s father to be compassionate and committed to Martin’s care some of the beliefs that he holds is that no matter how sick a family member is, it is the families responsibilities to take care of them. Some other beliefs that Martin’s farther may hold is that every person should be treated as a human no matter their condition and their care conducted with dignity by interpreting best practice (Doane & Varcoe, 2015). What Martin’s father shows about a caregiver’s role in illness experience is that caregivers have an important role in the life of the...

... middle of paper ... excellent care. The caregiver, for example Martin’s father, proved excellent care to Martin that allowed Martin to feel equal and confident in the competent care Martin’s father was providing. If a caregiver provides terrible care to a patient then the illness experience can cause trauma and more complications to the person receiving the care. For example, when Martin’s caregiver abused Martin in the care facility, it installed fear, victimization and self-accusation for Martin (Pistorius, 2012). Ethical standards are outlined for caregivers to create environments for the patient that encourages health and wellbeing, self assurance of care but also decreases anxiety. Martin father demonstrates these ethical standards by connecting with Martin, determining the best course of action for Martin’s care and practicing morally when caring for Martin. (Fairchild, 2010)

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