Martin Luther's Life and Teachings Essay

Martin Luther's Life and Teachings Essay

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Martin Luther was a Christian theologian and an Augustinian monk. He was born on November 10, 1483 to Hans and Margaretha Luder in Eisleben, Germany. The day after his birth he was baptised on the day of the St. Martin of Tours. Martin’s father wanted more for his youngest son so he did everything he could to get his son involved in the civil service and bring honor to their family. His father sent him to various schools in Mansfeld, Magdeburg, and Eisenach. In 1501, at the age of seventeen, Martin entered the University of Erfurt. He received his bachelor’s degree after just one year of enrolling into the university, three years later he received his master’s degree. Martin was enrolled in the law program at the university but that all came to a screeching halt in 1505. In the summer of 1505 Martin was caught in a summer thunderstorm and was almost struck by lightning. Martin was so horrified that he asked St. Anne for help, which he then promised to become a monk. Martin was a man that kept his promises, so he then quit law school and became a monk.
On July 17th Luther entered the Augustinian Monastery at Eruft. He completely dedicated his life to the monastic life, the effort to do generous and good work to please God, and serve others through prayer for their souls. He dedicated himself to flagellations, fasts, constant confessions, and long hours of prayers and pilgrimages although his peace with god has escaped him. Luther pondered himself a lot in the monastery so his superior, Johann von Staupitz, believed that Luther needed more work to keep himself busy and keep his mind off of the many things that he was pondering, so he ordered Luther to purse an academic career. In 1507, he was ordained to the priesthood and in 15...

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