Martin Luther 's Father Of The Holy Roman Empire Essay

Martin Luther 's Father Of The Holy Roman Empire Essay

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Martin Luther was born into a peasant German family on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben, part of the Holy Roman Empire. A short time after Luther’s birth, his family moved to Mansfeld from Eisleben. Martin Luther’s father was a somewhat successful miner and smelter. Martin was the second child that Hans and Magarete (Lindemann) Luther had. Luther’s parents, specifically his father Hans, planned for his son to become a powerful lawyer when he was older. In Mansfeld Luther attended school at or around the age of seven. The school focused on Latin, but also taught logic and rhetoric. At around the age of fourteen, Luther’s parents showed just how much they were willing to sacrifice when they paid for their son to go to another town, Magdeburg, in order to further his education; although, this is not to say that Luther was financially sound in any way. Luther was forced to beg for people to provide him with the bare necessities of life: food, clothing, and shelter. At his school, Luther worked diligently, and saw the fruits of his diligent labor come to fruition as he was excelling in his school; he even became part of the top tier of students at the school. However, Luther only attended the school in Magdeburg for about a year. After this Luther enrolled in Latin school in a different town, Eisenach, where he stayed until he was about eighteen years old. Following this, Luther enrolled in the University of Erfurt, where he studied the basic course for a Master of Arts that is grammar, logic, rhetoric, etc. William of Occam’s theology and metaphysics in the University of Erfurt’s curriculum served as a large component to Luther’s theological and spiritual development. In 1505, when Martin Luther was twenty-two years old, it appeared to H...

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...which threatened Luther with excommunication. Luther did not think much of the letter for he ended up publicly burning it.
Finally, in January of 1521 the pope excommunicated Martin Luther. Emperor Charles V then summoned Luther in March to Worms in order to defend himself. During the Diet of Worms, Luther once again refused to recant his position whatsoever. Luther and his duke were placed in a tough position, since Luther was now condemned and a wanted man. Luther was kept hidden at the Wartburg Castle until May 1552, when he returned to Wittenberg. Once there, he continued to give lectures, and in 1524 Luther abandoned the monastery. In 1525, Martin Luther married a former nun, Katharina von Bora. From 1553 until 1546 (Luther’s death), Martin Luther served as the Dean of theology faculty at Wittenberg. On February 18, 1546 in Eisleben, Germany, Martin Luther died.

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