Martin Luther King, Dead, And I Am Alive Essay

Martin Luther King, Dead, And I Am Alive Essay

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Martin Luther King is dead, and I am alive. How is it that this man, who spent years of his life making our world a better place to live, is gone, and I am left? A recent visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site revived my passion for life against discrimination. As I visited the Martin Luther King, Jr. Museum and Visitor Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mr. King’s grave site, and his childhood home, I felt compelled to compare my life to his and try to comprehend the passion, drive, and confidence he demonstrated by changing the world.
My journey started at the museum, and it immediately hit me that he left for college when he was fifteen-years-old. I always consider myself a well-established person, concerned about my school and community, involved in volunteering, and often spitting mad at injustice; however, I left home three years older than Martin Luther and have struggled with all the distractions, freedoms, and values that oppose those I was raised to live by. Where I am intimidated by all the unfamiliar people around my campus, King felt we were all “interrelated.” Where I sometimes struggle to get through the assignments required by my professors, he was burning to complete the assignment given him by God saying, it would be better to be “buried, than to be a slave.” But aren’t we all slaves if we are not fulfilling our purpose in life?
Random details that surprised about King include that he: had a degree in sociology, was arrested for going 25 mph in a 30 mph zone, was founder and president of the SCLC, was fascinated by Gandhi, and won the Nobel Peace Prize (the second black man to win it and the youngest person to win the prize). However, while pondering the facts scattered around the museum, I no...

... middle of paper ... on things that are not going to get me where I need to be in five years, and I am not focusing on what is going to provide a positive future. King’s life challenges me to find a way to maintain focused on what is important. I am taking away from this visit that I can be bold and fearless. I can feel adequate and confident even when speaking to heads of state about my opinions – even if they are not popular opinions. I can exhibit a calm and respectful demeanor, even in the heat of great opposition. I can have an uncompromising determination to not allow people to pull me in directions that are not positive. I can seek the plan God has for my life and carry it out with grace and firmness. My life can change the world I live in, because my dream is not so different from MLK’s, and maybe it is not so different from yours. Maybe we just need to believe in our dreams.

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