Martin Luther For A Few Simple Reasons Essay

Martin Luther For A Few Simple Reasons Essay

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I chose to write about Martin Luther for a few simple reasons. First, I am highly interested in his published work and also how he essentially began the Reformation of Christianity in the 16th century. Second, I noticed after briefly studying him that he paved the way for religious freedom in Europe and has set an example for humanity as a whole. Today, I see a world striving for equality and for their voices to be heard by the political leaders and other religious communities. Many groups and activists are working diligently towards exploiting injustices and bringing about information that has otherwise been ignored or mishandled. Thankfully, in our country we have the ability to voice our opinions and to protest peacefully in the hopes of influencing others for what we believe is most beneficial to our immediate society and world. Luther went against the grain and fought peacefully against the Roman Catholic Church and there manipulation of Christianity. He may not be the first representation of revolution, but he did learn from what was written about Jesus Christ and did contrary to what the culture and contemporary faith taught and expected. In this paper, I will be covering his early life, the Reformation, his published works, legacy, and his controversial takes on Islam and Judaism. While his legacy has dented history with many positive aspects, he was not the total manifestation of religious freedom as he was an expression for truth that many still fight for today.

Martin Luther was born into a modest and cozy life by his parents Hans and Margarethe Luther. Growing up in Mansfield Germany, his father worked in the copper mines and was “the owner of half a dozen foundries” (Bainton, 19). and was a prominent public figure. ...

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...tions. After his trek to Rome, he had expected it to be one of spiritual gratification that would fortify his faith even more; however, at his arrival he noticed how sinful and indulgent the people of Rome were. He also noticed the hypocrisy of the Priests when he practiced rituals at some of the monasteries as they didn’t show much interest in the rituals and did not revere the holiness of such tasks. Martin was disappointed in his expenditure and not only that but he also failed to reconcile the two factions. Nevertheless, Johann had high hopes for Luther and continued to give him tasks that Martin deemed he was not ready for. Eventually, Luther was sent to the town of Wittenberg in 1512 to oversee and bring order back to the town. Luther described the town and its people as being “populated by barbarians and sellers of beer and not by real citizens.” (Marty, 18).

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