Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation Essay

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Martin Luther almost single handedly lead the Protestant Reformation
with his 95 Theses. A strict father who most likely did not accept “no” as an
answer raised Martin Luther. Martin Luther turned out to follow in his
footsteps in his fervor to change how a church teaches and practices
Christianity. While the pope and the Catholic Church shunned Luther he took
that time to create something that would be the foundation for the founding
fathers and the empire that the United States would become.
After studying the work of Augustine, Luther used his basic ideas to help
form how he thought Christianity should be practiced. During Luther’s life the

people looked toward the religious officials such as the bishops, priests, and the
pope for guidance. Augustine said that religion should be more centered around the
bible rather than religious officials, and Luther soaked in that theory and made it
into much of what Christianity is today.
Luther believed that it was basically blasphemy to sell indulgences and made
it evident that he believed this. He thought that God would forgive one if forgiveness
through Him was sought, also in faith alone rather than doing good deeds in life.
Luther actually debated with Cardinal Thomas Cajetan about his 95 theses for three
days before returning back to the castle that he was currently living at. The 95
theses was a number of provocative statements or questions directed towards the
Catholic Church. Many of these questions were directed toward indulgences.
In the 1500s Luther was seen as a radical and a heretic. The Pope
excommunicated him and even ordered for his works to be burned. Luther did not
have quit in his veins though, and continued his works...

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...anger of the new
settlers. European settlers always wanted more and began to take from the Native
Americans, resulting in war. After major fighting and disease the Native Americans
were dying off and could be compared to the buffalo, endangered (Interview: Native
Americans ).
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